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Thousands of businesses are listed for sale every year, but 80% of them don't sell.


Value and price misalignment

At any given point in time your business doesn’t have one value but a range of values. It's important to understand the minimum you will accept vs the maximum a buyer will pay. If not, you won’t be able to negotiate your sale successfully.

No buyers for it

The common mistake owners make when selling is the belief someone will come along and just buy their business. There must be compelling reasons for a buyer to spend the time and money on an acquisition. If the reasons and upside isn't there, they don't buy. You have to know what buyers want, their motivations, THEN you can connect the dots to your Exit.

What we offer

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Market Value Assessment

Before you do anything, you must understand how the market values your business. Our valuations help you set a go-to-market price and provide a step-by-step guide for maximizing your sale price. 

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Central to our M&A Process is to identify key risks for a buyer. We want to remove those from your business before approaching anyone. If you decrease risk you will increase value.

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Find a Buyer

Finding the right buyer is hardest part. It’s not easy. It’s why you need to leverage our network of Industry and Private Equity Buyers who are actively acquiring smaller companies right now.  

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Business Profile / Diligence

Now we have selected a buyer, preparation is key. We build you a data room to accelerate due diligence and showcase your business as a good investment.

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Your Deal

Now we determine both price and deal terms with the buyer and put in the work to maximize your cash at close. 

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What’s Next?

If you are serious about selling your business, talk to one our M&A advisors first. We would be happy to help you.   

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