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Most people end up chasing opportunities, rather than actually buying a business.


Acquisitions on paper seem like a great idea. But there’s more to it than evaluating someone’s financials. 

The right acquisition cuts the time it takes to build a profitable enterprise because the customers, infrastructure, staff, products and distribution are already in place. 

But acquisitions aren’t always a slam dunk. So many deals fall short of buyer’s expectations because they incorrectly match the target business to the strategic purpose of the deal. Often failing to distinguish between the businesses that will improve operations and those that could accelerate growth and returns.

As a result, buyers too often pay the wrong price and don’t take the time to integrate the acquisition the right way.  

What we offer

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Acquisition Strategy Formulation

To buy someone else’s business you need a formula that works. You have the funds, yes, but you also need the know-how and connections to make it a success. Its understanding the upside in the marketplace, future returns measured against key risks to validate a deal correctly.  



We help you determine the factors each target must meet (size, growth rate, market share, capabilities, balance sheet strength, IP etc). We then prioritise these factors by importance to enable more efficient candidate screening.

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Valuation &
Due Diligence

Our valuation and due diligence process covers all aspects of the target’s financials, growth potential, operational risks, capital risks and key dependency issues. Good DD is all about a fair and thorough external opinion with zero emotion involved.

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Deal Execution

We’ll help you determine how the acquisition should be structured (asset acquisition, share acquisition, or a merger). A formal negotiation team is formed to prepare agreements and obtain shareholder approvals to close the deal.

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Integration Plan

We set the structure for the key tasks over the short, medium and long term, resulting in a 100-day task-based checklist. Integration is mission critical to deal success so this step cannot be skipped.

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If you are serious about buying a business, speak with one of our M&A advisors first. We would be happy to help you.  

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